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April 28, 2012

Now already 4:39Am. I'm so boring this morning. By the way, Hey guys i'm back, sorry for not update for 2-3 months, i'm very busy with my new school. English week, Bahasa week, Science, Math, and blabla. Last Monday i've participated on Science experment. Oh my god. That competition like Errrr. The winner for that competition will be announce on this Monday. Hmp never mind. Actually my life is so asdfghjk now. I need something can make me smile. What is it? Love? Money? Beauty? Sicking tired with all of this! I've met someone that really make me curios why he's so diffrent with other. And now he's just make me like stranger. He's call me 'Cannibal' i really-really miss the person that i means. And i feel very upset every night you text with me then sunddenly you become such arrogant people. You know what? Everday i'm crying just thinking about you. Thanks for all my future Pilot.
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